New York Fashion Week Show Production


New York Fashion Week Show Production

While it is often the designers, models, celebrities and street style stars that are at the forefront of fashion week,  it is the people working tirelessly behind the scenes who bring a show to life.  While the clothes are the focal point, the experience of the show is what captures the attention of the industry.

The Application Date

We suggest that designers reach out to production companies in February.


Start to Prepare Fashion Show

From March to April, show production companies prepare appropriate venues.
New designers typically choose IMG venues but top-tier shows bring people to outside venues in order to create a fresh, unseen experience.
Our team scours the entire city to find the most appropriate and game-changing venue.

Fashion Show Preparation Steps

Meeting with designer

Initially, we have a brainstorming session with designers where they provide us with their theme for the season and the inspiration behind it. Our house scenic vendor, lighting vendor, audio vendor, venue manager, PR manager and the producers meet to determine how they can integrate all aspects of their areas of expertise to bring the designer’s vision into fruition.

Choose the venue

The production company starts preparing a week after the previous season. It is important to find a venue that reflects the theme and energy of the show– one that allows the experience to surpass the clothes.

Locking the dates

Locking in the dates is VITAL. If a name designer opts to change their timeslot, all designers are affected . It is difficult to reserve a venue if you are not 100 percent confirmed about your show date and time. On occasion,   we will hold multiple venues for newer designers. We only confirm venues and dates that are convenient for editors.

 Modeling casting

We keep the timeline for the fitting and casting short to allow time for models to arrive from overseas. Castings are 3-4 hours and we make immediate decisions. We do three days of fittings where each model selected will return to try on the clothes. Seamstresses will be on hand to make alterations.

Makeup and styling

We choose the best make-up team and styling team according to designers’ theme.

PR team

Our PR team will arrange press, VIP and celebrity invitations.

Why We Participate in Fashion Week
Year after year there are complaints that the New York Fashion Week schedule is too packed. Social media now provides online, live, and Instagram, Facebook streams which can increase a designer’s audience by millions. Both designers are attendees alike  are looking for an intimate setting, not 500 to 700 to 1000 people. The runway show is only 10 minutes, but the show must last the full season.
The fashion show’s video, photos and other marketing tools will ensure the growth and success of any talented designer’s business.